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MTO Approved

Let’s Drive Ontario provides a MTO-approved beginner driver education course. Our classroom and in-vehicle driving instructors are qualified and approved by the MTO. With the mandatory 20 hours in-class, 10 hours in-vehicle, and 10 hours of flexible instruction, graduates of Let’s Drive Ontario can receive potential reduction in insurance premiums, provided by Service Ontario.

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Defensive Driving

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of dealing with various traffic and road conditions while driving. It is important for the student to understand their motivations and attitudes towards driving, and how external influences could have an impact on the way they drive. Through discussions, we will guide the students to develop safe driver attitudes while on the road.

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The Personal Touch

Let’s Drive Ontario believes in catering to individual students’ needs. Our dedicated instructors are committed to work with each student, and following their progress throughout the course, to ensure the completion of the program. Our courses are available year round, allowing us to cater to your preferences and availability. Students have the option to attend both in-class and in-vehicle training concurrently.

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What our graduates are saying

  • Let’s Drive was an amazing experience. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a good driving school. - Adrian - High School Student
  • It was definitely worth signing up with Let’s Drive. The situations related to real life scenarios and had helped me prepare for my road test. - Nicole - School Teacher
  • A hand on learning, the teaching was easy to follow, and help is provided if necessary. The instructor makes sure everyone is on the same page. - Peter L. - Training Engineer
  • The activities were very good and they gave me a greater understanding of what was taught. - Carlos L. - University Student
  • The definitive techniques were effective because you could easily remember them and be able to apply them on the road. - Andrew - University Student
  • For anyone who wants to drive in Canada this course gives solid background knowledge before you go on the road - Aana - Therapist
  • Classes were fun, informational, and the instructors connected really well with all the students. I will definitely recommend Let’s Drive Ontario to all my friends. - Ginny Y.
  • The instructors were extremely patient and provided detailed explanations about everything that goes on in the vehicle and while you are on the road. I enjoyed the entire course, and it was money well spent! - Elizabeth G.
  • I learned many good tips on how to be a good driver on the road, and especially about driving in bad winter conditions. Very thankful to Let’s Drive Ontario’s team of instructors. - Alan M.
  • Let’s Drive Ontario’s instructors are extremely personable and attentive in their teachings. I had a lot of fun in the classrooms and in-car lessons. I definitely feel more prepared about driving on the freeways and highways right now, especially in cosmopolitan cities! - Cindy M.