Defensive Driving Theory

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of dealing with various traffic and road conditions while driving.

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  • Defensive Driving Skills
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  • Rear End Collision Avoidance

Attributes of a Good Driver

It is important for the student to understand their motivation and attitude towards driving, and how external influences may have an impact on the way they drive. Such external influences are road rage, passenger distractions, texting / phone calls, etc. Through discussions we will guide the students to develop safe driver attitudes, while on the road and how to avoid these issues.

Road Signs, Lines, and Traffic Controls

Detailed explanations will be provided for each particular road sign, line and traffic control, ensuring that students will be familiar with them by the end of the course. The cause and effect of failing to obey these signs will also be discussed.

Driving Conditions

Students will learn about the various driving conditions (weather, night driving etc.) and the effect that they have on the road. Students will also learn some techniques to drive safely and efficiently.

Driving Environment

Discussions about driving amongst aggressive drivers will allow students to understand how to avoid them and to avoid the possibility of road rage and continue to drive safely. The environment of a driver has some things to look out for; one is crossing pedestrians and children, and parked cars up ahead.

Common Driving Errors and Violations

There are common driving errors and violations that students will learn about such as, speeding, getting distracted, taking unnecessary risks and failing to keep a proper distance. A driver should always be wary of these matters while driving.

Vehicle Safety and Recovery Systems

Vehicle safety features such as seat-belts, child seats, airbags, etc. will be discussed and the pros and cons to using them, as well as their ability to consistently save lives on the road.

Pre-Trip Inspections and Fuel Efficiency

Students will learn how to pre-check their vehicles before any trip, to ensure that their brake systems, engine, safety features, and battery are functioning, as well as having enough fuel for the trip.


Students will practice by receiving verbal commands in an ascending voice to bring the vehicle to a complete stop before a conflict/hazard.

Steer & Avoid

Students will practice re-focusing their vision from a conflict/hazard to an open space.

Intersection Turns (Right & Left)

Students will practice how to steer the vehicle at intersections (controlling the steering before, through and after the turn).

Freeway Acceleration

Students will practice having verbal instructions to accelerate to freeway speed quickly while scanning the surrounded area.

Impaired Driving

The effects of drinking and driving have a great effect on the driver’s abilities and their reaction times to situations on the road. We will have an open discussion and show videos about these serious topics. We will also cover the ways that things like stress, anger and fatigue can impair driving ability and cause fatal accidents.